1. What is the difference between public events and private events?  A public event: customers pay for their own food. A private event is pre-paid. (Please see our private event/catering page for package options)

2. Do you offer Gluten free?  You bet we do!  On Chez Flo truck all the savory crepes are made with Buckwheat Flour (GF)

3. Do you accept all types of payment?  Yes indeed: cash and credit cards. Checks are accepted for private parties.

4. Is the deposit for private events refundable?  As long as you cancel 30 days prior to the event, we’ll refund your full deposit.

5. Do I need to purchase a city permit if I hire Chez Flo or Sandwiches Around the World for a private event? If you hire Chez Flo for a private event, no permit is required. However, if you want to hire Chez Flo for a public event, there might be an added cost involved for permitting and/or mileage. Please check our catering page for more information.